Çoinbase.com Lōgin allows you to trade cryptocurrencies in digital form. Learn to log into the Çoinbase platform to buy/sell Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

There are three ways to provide an extra layer of security to your Coinbase account.

  • Using the web or mobile app
  • Via Coinbase phone service
  • With the help of Coinbase customer support
Using the web or mobile appThrough web
Here are the instructions to lock your account using a web browser:
  • 1.Select the “Security” option in your “Account settings”.
  • 2.Navigate to “See something unusual?” & choose “Lock your account” located at the bottom of your screen.
  • 3.Take a look at the “Are you sure?” alert and thenceforth pick up “Yes, Lock my account”.
Through mobile applicationFrom the Coinbase Pro mobile app, lock your account as follows:
  • 1.First of all, hit “Profile & Settings” available in menu.
  • 2.Now, hit “Lock my account” by scrolling down to the “Security” option.
  • 3.Take a look at the “Are you sure?” alert and thenceforth choose “Yes, Lock my account”.
Via Coinbase phone service
To lock your Coinbase Pro login account using automated system or to speak with a live employee, dial Coinbase Support. Call the local customer support number in your country of residence (where you’ve created your account) if you are going abroad and ask them to lock your account temporarily.
Last modified 11mo ago